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Strawberry Deliciousness for a 40th Birthday!

January 28, 2011

I was recently asked to make a large “Strawberry shaped” birthday cake (along with some co-ordinating cupcakes) by a lovely husband planning a surprise for his wife on her 40th birthday.  Apparently she was handling most of the arrangements for the big birthday bash herself, but he wanted to ensure there was something she didn’t know about…

Of course I said yes and started to work out how I was going to do it!  Initially the hubby had suggested I make a giant cupcake (which he had seen on my website) and “decorate it up like a strawberry” but the more I thought about that idea, the more certain I was that it just wouldn’t work.  What to do?  I turned to the internet and searched “strawberry birthday cake”.  I found a couple of interesting images, but they were decorated for a child in the Strawberry Shortcake design… which just wasn’t appropriate in the circumstances.

A couple of days passed, during which I considered making 2 9″ madeira cakes which I would stick together and carve.  Then, as I was about to select the cake tin from my store cupboard I noticed something very interesting…. my Beehive Cake tin!  Yes it had bees on it but essentially the shape, if turned upside down, was very strawberry like!  Yes, i was going to have to make another round cake in order to fashion the top of the strawberry but put the two together and I was sure I could make a really satisfactory shape.

I therefore present the finished result here… 2 madeira cakes one from a shaped beehive tin (with the bees carved off), sandwiched together with buttercream, covered in red fondant and yellow sugar shapes for “pips”.

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