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Race for Life

February 15, 2011

I’ll be honest, during the past couple of years I’ve put on (probably) a couple of stones in weight and I’m not happy about it.  Why has it happened?  Well, the most likely reasons are….

  • Wedded bliss?  Having got married in 2008 – maybe.
  • Less exercise combined with same eating habits?  As a result of knee operation – probably.
  • Running a baking business? Well, you might think so, but probably not as (you may be surprised) I’m more of a savoury girl!
  • Stress of moving, worklife uncertainty…. in fact “life in general”? Well of course, it all adds up doesn’t it!

In actual fact, I think it’s a combination of all 4 reasons.  I’ve moaned endlessly about “why i cannot lose weight” to poor Mr Cupcake and Bake, who has the patience of a saint I think.  His answer?   I love you as you are, but if you’re unhappy about it, you must take the time to do something to make yourself feel better!!

And he is right, so NOW is the time.   As a complete “running obsessive” in earlier days (a contributor to the dreaded meniscus tear knee problem) I really, really miss the feeling you get from running.  The freedom of movement and the ability to “zone out” everything else that is going on in your life is completely amazing and one that is very hard to explain to those who have not run for recreation and/or fitness.  I would love to recapture that feeling in 2011.

Focus is required.  An aim.  A goal.

I’ve recently bought a treadmill.  It’s completely beautiful, but has been mostly unused in the last 3 months as I’ve been so busy working, baking, Christmas hostess etc.   That must change; I must use “the beastie”!  So, I plan to start slowly, but aim to run regularly within the next few weeks and months…that will enable me to eat moreorless what I like whilst still losing a bit of weight, toning up, and looking after the ticker.  I know it will work, because I did it before!

I still need a goal though…. and one that will make my emotional heart feel better too!   So here it is…. I am going to run the Cancer Research Race for Life.  There, I’ve said it.  An actual goal date of 24th July 2011… and the place is Southsea Common!  Find details at

So over the next few weeks and months I’ll update you on my fitness progress, and more importantly how I’m feeling whilst I train for this really worthwhile cause and maybe you’ll feel inspired to enter a Race for Life near you?  Or maybe you’d like to join me at Southsea? If you do, get in touch .

All the best



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