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The Guitar Cake

February 15, 2011

You may or may not know that my “working day” is spent in the financial and accounting world.  Baking and sugarcrafting is a hobby that I’ve developed over the years and gives me a creative outlet that I really enjoy – and is the polar opposite of my day job; the perfect antidote to all those numbers and spreadsheets!

When I was at school choosing my “options” I was guided down the secretarial or nursing route and the art and design option was not encouraged.  I often wonder what I would have ended up doing had I followed my heart at that crucial time…

Still, no regrets, as my life now incorporates a significant element of design as I interpret the wishes and dreams of my lovely Cupcake and Bake customers….who always seem to manage to stretch my creativity!

This section of the blog will highlight the projects that I’ve recently completed and those that are “coming up”.  I’ll share with you the thought process behind the designs and a few of the tips I’ve learned along the way – should you feel the urge to try yourself J

In the last week I have made a “Guitar Cake” for my husband’s work colleague who has turned 50 just recently – and who spends his entire spare time playing guitar in his band (see pictures here)

Coming up? Well a couple of really lovely projects are scheduled for the next fortnight…

1.     Handy Manny 1st birthday cake  – see here

2.     DiscWorld “Luggage” cake for a 40th birthday

I’ll take some pictures as I prepare these celebration cakes, each one depicting a personal favourite of its recipient.    The challenge for me is that I knew nothing of either these subjects when I was asked to do them, but that is the beauty of this job, the research behind and creation of a cake that brings such joy to those who give and those who receive it. Fabulous!

Hope you’ll check back soon
Denise x

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