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The Kitchen Aid Stand-Alone Mixer

February 15, 2011

Hi there… in this section of my blog I’d like to recommend things I love to you… for no other reason than I think they’re utterly fabulous!

For my first post, I’d like to appeal to those of you that love to bake or cook in general…

The Beater Blade for KitchenAid

My baking life was revolutionised when I bought my first Kitchen Aid mixer.  Not only is it totally up to the amount of mixing and whisking I demand of it, but it is also totally and utterly gorgeous from a design point of view!  The funky red colour is right up my street and, if you’re tempted, they’re available in a huge range of beautiful colours – one is bound to match your kitchen scheme! You see, a mixer doesn’t have to be stainless steel coloured (yawn) – although I have one of those too !

As good as this wonderful machine has been, it was improved even more by the addition of the Beater Blade for Kitchen Aid.   This replacement beater blade has rubber “wings” attached that wipe and scrape down the side of the mixing bowl as you mix your ingredients – which saves you from stopping, removing the bowl and scraping down the sides of your bowl manually (which is SO important to do to make sure all your ingredients are thoroughly mixed).

I’ve used my Beater Blade since Christmas, and I must say it “does what it says on the tin” and I thoroughly recommend it to you.  I gather there is also one available for the Kenwood Chef too.

Get baking!



Kitchen Aid Red

Beater blade for Kitchen Aid

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