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By Royal Appointment?

March 7, 2011

Crumbs! I’ve been asked to make a cake for the
Royal Wedding!!

“OK ok”; I admit it!  The request didn’t come from Prince William and Kate Middleton or even The Royal Household on their behalf!!

No, in actual fact I have been asked by a florist colleague to make a cake for display in her shop window during the fortnight before the royal couple’s big day “in a style appropriate “ for this very Royal, but nonetheless very modern and chic young couple.

This has really got me thinking, and wondering just how much Prince William and his bride-to-be will be able to put their personal stamp on the arrangements for their wedding day?   Whilst every couple will go through the same sort of decisions and choices ahead of their wedding as William and Kate must be doing now, the “average” couple will of course have many less constraints placed on them.  Tradition will, no doubt, play a huge part in the events & ceremonies of 29th April.

So for my starting point, I decided to look back into the royal archives and see what the last 6 “major league” Royal brides and grooms had for their own centrepiece cakes (The 6 couples being: 1947 Princess Elizabeth & Prince Philip / 1960 Princess Margaret & Anthony Armstrong-Jones / 1973 Princess Anne & Capt. Mark Phillips / 1981 Prince Charles & Lady Diana Spencer / 1986 Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson / 1999 Prince Edward & Sophie Rhys-Jones).

As an example, here is the centrepiece wedding cake made by the Royal Navy for Prince Charles & Lady Diana Spencer – who of course are William’s parents.

On the whole my preconceptions were completely accurate it seems; multi-tiered, royal iced and white would appear to be the norm.  The “personal” touch is made on most with the inclusion of skilfully painted images of scenes depicting the lives of the newly-married couple.   Interestingly,  Prince Edward and his new wife (who married in St.George’s Chapel, Windsor) did manage to move away from this somewhat and I’ve found the most glorious image of a beautiful 6 tier Gothic-style cake covered in over 500 handmade sugar flowers – the perfect cake to complement the stunning interior of the most ancient of our Royal Palaces.  I’m not really surprised by this however, as the fourth son of the Monarch – and with a theatrical background to boot – I expect it was much easier for this Prince and his bride to embrace a more flamboyant style.

My feeling is that Prince William and Kate Middleton will inevitably travel the traditional route – but you never know…maybe I’ll be wrong?  Either way, it will be jolly interesting to see when the pictures emerge on the 30th April.

So, over the next few weeks, I’ll be making preparations to deliver my very own “Royal Wedding Cake”.  Actually, I’m thinking that maybe I’ll make two!  One a traditional/conventional design, the other the cake I’d design for them if they were a “regular” engaged couple (maybe a Wonky Wedding cake for William Wales, covered in daffodils?).

I hope you’ll visit again and check on my progress over the next few weeks, I have to say I’m rather excited by the challenge!  You’ll be able to see the results at Village Flowers in Four Marks, near Alton in Hampshire (along with Sue Clements’ beautiful floral display) and I will of course post pictures here and on my Facebook page.


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