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The Royal Wedding… the excitement builds!

April 18, 2011

Mr Cupcake and Bake and I recently spent a sunny weekend in London.  In earlier times, I used to spend a lot of time up in town for work and, although a much rarer occasion these days,  I ALWAYS love to go back, now with hubby, to lap up the cosmopolitan feel, the hustle and the bustle of city life and the history of this magnificent place.   Our reason for travelling to London this time was to see Kylie Minogue Aphrodite Les Folies tour at the O2, and although the DLR did its best to make travel to the venue troublesome on the night, we got there and back without too much trouble and enjoyed “Smiley Kylie” at her most theatrical best! 

The Royal Parks prepare for The Royal Wedding

On Sunday morning, we decided to avoid the shops and instead spent time in the sunshine walking through The Royal Parks – Hyde Park, Green Park and St James Park – in slow time, just us and several 1000 tourists and Londoners of course!  The mood was good because of the glorious warm spring sun, but as we walked down Constitution Hill we became aware that even more tourists than normal appeared to be congregating around Buckingham Palace at the Victoria Memorial.   Just opposite, in Green Park, right next to Canada Gate a “village” of  marquees had sprung up behind wire fences.  For a moment, we wondered what this was all for – then of course the penny dropped and we realised that the “village” was in fact the media centre being prepared for the forthcoming Royal Wedding on 29th April.  Overlooking Buckingham Palace, workmen were building a two storey “studio block” where the world’s TV broadcasters will be based. 

The TV studios under construction, overlooking Buckingham Palace

Suddenly I felt an overwhelming sense of anticipation, of excitement for an event that is clearly in the last days of preparation.   All this made me wonder how on earth the Royal couple must be feeling now, just a few days away from their special day?  Particularly for Kate Middleton, what a surreal experience to see all this activity and realise that this is “all for you”.   I remember the last few weeks leading up to our wedding.  Yes, feeling excited and, of course, looking forward to seeing all our plans come together, but at the same time feeling like we were in a parallel universe where normal life is suspended and the “Big Day” is everybody’s focus.   Underneath it all, I’m sure Kate, William and her family are feeling just the same – its just that they have an army of Royal Household helpers, and just a  few million more people watching them!!!!

Westminster Abbey

Here in Widley, going about our day to day business, we have been completely unaware of all the build up in London, but our visit last weekend has certainly made me realise just how close we now are to 29th April and I now definitely feel a sense of something ” just a bit special” is happening in just under two weeks.   I’ve seen a number of “Tweets” and posts on various SM sites that imply that looking forward to The Royal Wedding is somewhat “naff” or “uncool”, well everybody is entitled to their opinion of course.  I have no strong views on the Royal Family, they have no bearing on my day-to-day life whatsoever, but I think this is missing the point.   The 29th April is another moment of British History in the making, and a happy occasion to boot….and lets face it there has not been much in the way of good news stories just recently!
 My sofa spot is booked, and I’ll be enjoying the day’s TV with my mother, mother and father-in-law.  As for “Mr Cupcake and Bake”? Well his excitement level has probably peaked and he is planning to spend the day on the beach fishing! 

Whatever you’re doing on The Royal Wedding Day – enjoy!


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