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It’s a Wonderfully Wonky World!

May 1, 2011

Every time I’m asked to bake a celebration cake, whatever the occasion, I’ll spend a considerable amount of time before I start baking in researching the design idea, preparing the ingredients and equipment and thinking how they’ll all come together to deliver a wonderful party cake that will be a treat for the eyes, taste as delicious as possible, and mean something “extra special” to it’s recipient.   There are lots of factors to consider, not least the size and shape of the cake you’re preparing to bake, as a design that “works” well on a circular cake may not translate successfully onto a square/other shape of cake (and vice versa).   Just lately, I’ve been asked on numerous occasions to make a “Wonky” Cake.  These are proving to be very popular option; they are something “just a bit different” and always prove to be a bit of a talking point at a party or wedding!

Two tier Floral

The design choice for a Wonky requires careful thought as, of course, the skewed dimensions do not easily allow for a design that relies on straight lines and symmetry for its success.  Wonkys need to be a minimum of 2 tiers high to make the most of the slant of the cake, and work particularly well at 3 tiers tall.   Dotted around this blog post are a few pictures of some of the Wonkys I’ve made in recent months.

Most of the cakes requested have been for bright, highly colourful and funky designs… even one with an Alice in Wonderland “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party” theme, which was tremendous fun!

Pink & Purple Wonky

Alice in Wonderland Wonky

Whilst most of my Wonkys have been made for children/teenagers, this week I was asked to make a 60th birthday cake by a couple of  sisters to give to their mother at a family party.  The “brief” for this one was indeed very brief – “she likes green”…..

I decided to make this cake a little more restful on the eye, and (perhaps) what you might consider to be a little more “beautiful”; something that my own mother would like to receive for her birthday in fact.

So, I used two colours of green – one a restful but darker shade for the bottom tier, with the top tier coloured the very palest “hint of” green.   I decided to decorate it with delicate white flowers with paper thin petals, placed carefully around the two tiers to accentuate the slope of both.   The choice of a co-ordinating ribbon finished the overall effect – and I’m pleased to report that both girls were ecstatic with the result when they came to pick it up.

A 60th Birthday Wonky

In my filing cabinet, aka my head (!), are many more Wonky designs just waiting for the right moment to come out – the Seaside Wonky, The Vintage Wonky, the New York Wonky and The Chelsea Wonky to name just a few!  Hopefully I’ll soon be asked by some lovely customer or other to design a cake for them using one or other of these ideas, so that I can explore these sugarpasting opportunities to the full!


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