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A (very) slow journey to Gwithian

May 15, 2011

So there I was, doing really well at walking and running my way along the virtual road to John O’Groats, when the flu bug came a calling and blew me right off track!  What a pain, but there is nothing to be done other than to rest and recover – and pass it on to the other members of the family of course – oops!!

This morning I walked and ran another 6.5km which, with the other 21km I’ve covered since my last “fit to bake” post, means I’ve travelled from Zennor to St. Ives, around the glorious St. Ives Bay and into Gwithian village.    Another gloriously Cornish sounding name don’t you think and one that, for me at least, brings to mind the days of King Arthur, knights in armour slaying dragons , magic, myths and mysteries.   

The beautiful beach at Gwithian

Gwithian in actual fact is a coastal village, situated three miles northeast of Hayle and four miles east of St.Ives.    The village pub is called The Red River Inn, taking its name from the nearby river, so called because of the discolouration caused by the mining effluent that flowed from the nearby tin mines.   The village itself takes its name from St.Gwithian, patron saint of good fortune on the sea, whose relics was uncovered from the sands during the early part of the 20th century but subsequently allowed to be reclaimed by the shifting sands.  Even that sounds “romantic” to me…..

Red River Inn, Gwithian

 The images produced here are of The Red River pub and the beautiful beach at Gwithian which is understandably popular with local surfers.   Talking of surfers check out one of my latest foodie equipment purchases…. I love it… but I digress!

So, a new week approaches and all being well the pace will improve – Perranporth beckons 31km up the coast.   I look forward to “seeing you” there.


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Images courtesy of Red River Inn and


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