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The Mr “Surfer Egg” egg cup…

May 15, 2011

When we moved into “Cupcake-and-Bake Towers” a year or so back, I was delighted to spot a ready made chicken run in the garden – secure and ready to go, just waiting for a new flock of “girls” to move in.   So we decided to take the plunge and buy some chickens of our own.

One of our cheeky girls, exploring the autumn garden!

As novice poultry keepers we’ve enjoyed the last year since we bought our original 8 girls from the poultry farm, learning all about their needs, foibles and incredibly cheeky personalities!   Whilst the hens are farmyard animals of course, our girls have naturally have become beloved pets too (albeit ones living in the garden) and, as you might expect,  I’ve started to collect a number of egg and chicken related kitchen “bits and bobs” to use in our home.

The fabulous Mr Surfer Egg!

One of the latest is this fun Mr “Surfer Egg” Egg-cup!   I love it, mostly for the vibrant colours, but also because the design makes an essentially mundane every day object something that makes you smile when you use it!  Mr Cupcake and Bake really laughed the first time his breakfast egg was served up in this beauty that’s for sure!


PS: if you’d like to buy your own Mr Surfer Egg egg-cup, you might like to know I bought my egg cup via Amazon, here is a link.

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