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All of life is here – part 1 of a typical baking week!

June 26, 2011

Baking and decorating cakes has always given me great satisfaction and pleasure, which I’ve alluded to many times in previous posts on this blog.  It may sound twee, but seeing the pleasure on somebody’s face when they receive their cake – and being partly responsible for that – always gives me an incredibly warm feeling.  It’s one of the main reasons I do what I do…

3 generations of cakes!

Initially of course, I made cakes for just my family and close friends; nowadays I am privileged to be able to share a small part of other people’s celebrations by making cakes for them and their loved ones.   In recent weeks, I’ve seen the whole of life celebrated in my cakey creations, for a variety of customers and this gives me great joy.

First, a couple of weeks ago I was asked by a lovely lady in Bishops Waltham to make a celebration cupcake tower for three members of her family.   Her dad, a retired doctor, was soon to be 80.  Her husband, a lawyer and former professional footballer, was coming up to 45 and her niece Amelia (or Millie) was going to be 9.   Nicky gave me a little bit of background on each relation including some of their interests and hobbies….for Millie it was simple “anything pink”!

Seen at the start of this post is the resulting cupcake tower.  At the top is a giant Chocolate cupcake for Dad, representing his medical career with a stethoscope, Red Cross, heart and a plaster.  Below the 25 gluten free cupcakes for Millie, all pink and glittery with pink roses and her name picked out on top of 6 of them.

Millies Gluten Free

Finally, for her husband – a HUGE sporting fan – I decided to depict a number of his favourite sports on his 25 cupcakes….so see here a range of tennis balls and racquets, cricket balls, footballs and Wolves FC cupcakes.

The sporty selection

I’m told that each of the birthday girls and boys were thrilled with their cakes; for me I was just pleased that they all worked so well together on the one cake tower!

Coming up, part 2 of the baking week!



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