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All of life is here – part 2 of a typical baking week!

June 26, 2011

On the same weekend I made the “3G cupcake tower“, I had been asked to make a wedding anniversary cake – a commission I nearly refused as I was so busy, but immediately changed my mind about when I learned that the couple concerned were celebrating 68 years of marriage!!  They wanted a fruit-cake, no surprise to me there, and were happy for me to decide how to decorate it – the only stipulation was to show their names and the number of years married of course.   Here it is….

68 years of married bliss!

The cake was inspired by one I’d seen in a Squires magazine some time ago.  I thought it an appropriate choice as the base is a shade of blue, and yet it also has a profusion of pink roses…. something for both the boy and the girl in this wonderful partnership!

When I delivered this cake on the day before their anniversary, I spent the most wonderful 45 minutes chatting with this delightful couple – who told me all about their extended family of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, most of whom were coming to visit the following day to celebrate this momentous occasion with them.


At the other end of the marriage spectrum, yesterday I delivered a cupcake tower of Cadbury purple decorated goodies to a couple just starting out on their journey of married life – back home from their Austrian wedding, and celebrating with their UK friends and family at home in Hampshire.   Both officers in the Thames Valley Police force, the tower was just begging to be topped off with a Cadbury purple policeman’s helmet showing their names and “pip” numbers!

Silvie and Scott – celebrate “Just Married”

So there we have it; from 9 to 80 years of age, from 2 weeks to 68 years of marriage encompassed in just two weeks!

Wonderful! I wonder what next week will bring….

Denise x

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