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Just another Flapjack Sunday. Test 2….Rachel Allen

July 3, 2011

Continuing my delve into the seemingly simple world of the Flapjack, this morning I cooked up two batches  –  one following the recipe of Rachel Allen as featured in her book “Food for Living”, the other taken from The Great British Bake-Off cookbook.

Earlier in the week, you may remember I tested the recipe from the great Mary Berry – to mixed reviews here; hubby loved them, a bit on the sweet side for me.   Now for my namesake Mrs Allen…

I have a number of Rachel Allen’s cookbooks – actually probably ALL of them – and I pull them down off the shelves to use relatively often; weirdly I haven’t made anything from her book “Bake!” as of yet…  the flapjack recipe I made this morning coming from an earlier book called “Food for Living”.

First thing I noticed, when gathering together all the ingredients, is that I needed two extra ingredients 1) plain flour – to be mixed into the sugar, butter and syrup mix at the same time as the porridge oats and 2) Vanilla extract.  Neither Mary Berry, Bake-off, or my mum’s recipe use either.  Clearly the addition of flour will affect the texture of finished item, the vanilla will be a subtle change of taste.  Apart from that, drill is the same…

1. Melt butter with sugar and syrup (plus vanilla extract)  2. Mix in oats and plain flour   3. Spoon into greased tin (swiss roll type), pat down with the back of a spoon and 4. Bake!

Butter, sugar, syrup and vanilla extract….melt

Add the dry ingredients, oats & plain flour

pop into tin, ready for the ovenCut up and ready for the taste test!

The recommended cooking time at Gas 4 was stated as 25-30 mins, or til golden brown.  For me this was right at 30 minutes (although of course every oven is different). The flapjacks emerged from the oven a great colour, and after a short cooling time were easily scored into pieces.  Once cooled completely they came out of the tin without difficulty. All in all, a great bake to make.   As for taste? Don’t worry, that test comes later when the hubby gets to do a blind taste test comparison….Denise

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