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Just another Flapjack Sunday. Test 3….The Great British Bake-off team!

July 3, 2011

For my second batch of flapjacks of today I referred to the cookbook accompanying the first series of “The Great British Bake Off”.

Shown on BBC2 during 2010, it was great viewing and I’ve got a so much respect for the contestants that appeared!  No matter how much I love to bake, NOTHING would persuade me to put myself under that type of pressure…. even though I’ve been asked twice to do it, I know I would not respond well to cooking “in company”…or the undoubted time pressures a TV schedule puts you under.

Team “Great British Bake Off 2010”

So with a healthy respect for the unknown author of “Nutty Flapjacks“, off I go again…

First, to pull together all the ingredients. Not as many this time… butter, syrup, sugar plus oats of course.  No flour, BUT this recipe does call for nuts (roughly chopped).   Although not mentioned as an option in the book, I’m always one to use what is in my cupboard, so I opted for walnuts.

Butter, syrup and sugar… assembled for melt down

Oats and Walnuts into the mix

The method is exactly the same as the previous two tests… melt butter, syrup and sugar together.  Mix in oats (and nuts) and then pop into the tin, and then the oven.

This batch were cooked at Gas 2 for, the books says, 25 mins but (once more) my oven took a bit longer to get to the prescribed golden brown colour – about 32mins.

This recipe cooked up with a completely different look when it came out of the oven…. it was altogether much more “bubbly” when it emerged and when it started to cool down a “holey” texture quickly appeared.  My overall impression was of a gooier mix (than the Rachel Allen version), so much so that I immediately ran a sharp knife round the edge of the tin to encourage the mixture away from it as it cooled completely.   Again, this was a nice bake to make, really troublefree… and it’ll be interesting to see which of the 3 versions made thus far gets the vote of Mr Cupcake and Bake later…one things for sure…. he has a tin full of flapjacks ready for the coming working week! Denise

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