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A conical cascade of love… a wedding cake for Nicola and Paul

July 4, 2011

Last September I met a lovely lady called Nicola Brown.  Nicola visited the Alton House Hotel wedding fayre and saw a conical shaped cake that I had taken along to the show.

You know when you see something that “just clicks” in your mind, well that seemed to have happened for Nic that day and she was pretty much decided upon a conical shaped cake for the reception following her marriage to Paul on July 2nd 2011.

We met again a few weeks later at the Farnham House Hotel wedding fayre, and this time she bought fiance Paul along.  Unfortunately that day I hadn’t included the cone cake as part of my display…. however like a lot of grooms, Paul trusted his bride-to-be and Nic and Paul soon commissioned me to make their wedding cake.

In January of this year we all met at again at the Farnham House Hotel.  Nicola and Paul had booked the hotel for their wedding reception by this time and we discussed options for (in Nicola’s words) THE wedding cake.    I had taken my I-pad with me for the meeting full of pictures of cone-shaped cakes I had seen in wedding magazines…. but like most brides Nicola had a vision of what she wanted for their big day.

Rather than the quite small cone that I had made for the wedding fayre in Alton (about 12″ high) Nicola envisaged a much larger affair…. “is that possible?”   Well of course I was going to say yes, after all you always want to deliver a bride’s vision if you possibly can; however it wasn’t a rash promise – given that I am used to carving Wonky cakes, I felt confident that I would find a cone cake to the size Nicola wanted straightforward enough…

Well, here we are 6 months or so later and yesterday was the wedding day.  In the intervening period Nicola had commissioned me to make a very interesting 40th birthday cake for Paul (see “The Luggage” cake here) and true to form she had set me an exciting challenge also for their wedding.  I won’t lie, I have spent a LOT of time thinking about how I would go about delivering a cake big enough to meet Nicola’s expectations, yet without wasting actual cake and (more importantly) the couple’s money.  After all, its in nobody’s interests to make too much cake for the number of people at the wedding.

Well, I’m happy to report that I delivered a cake that I believe met Nicola and Paul’s expectations (and hopefully more so)….  here is a picture.   More can be seen here…. on my Facebook page

Nicola had told me that the flowers in her bouquet were Hot Pink Gerbera’s, Kermit Green Chrysanthemums and Ivory roses.  When we met in January, I sketched up a large cone cake, with alternating layers of chocolate and white chocolate cake, covered in ivory fondant and decorated with a cascade of flowers in her bridal theme.  The cake I sketched would have fed approximately 100-120 guests.   Nicola then told me the guest list was approximately 70/80.   You see my dilemma/quandry…?   They have 70/80 guests; cake design feeds 100/120….

My proposed solution was to make 3 large base cakes to feed the guests, topped with a “fake cake” that completes the conical design for aesthetic purposes.   That is the beauty of “fake cakes”… they give you the freedom to deliver the dream cake, without unnecessary wasted cake and expense.

Fortunately Nicola saw the sense in this solution and, in the end I made 3 large cakes, 2 chocolate and 1 white chocolate.  On top of these 3 cakes (each carved with a sloping side) I placed a polystyrene top cone which was decorated in the same style as the lower cakes.  So, we were able to deliver a cake standing some 3 foot tall (giving the required impact) but with only 2/3rds actually edible.    I call that a “win/win” solution.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank both Nicola and Paul for the opportunity to design and make this wonderful cake, and to wish them the happiest of futures together.

Denise x


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