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And the winner is….

July 10, 2011

If you’ve been following my posts about my search for “the very best flapjack”, then you may be interested to know that this morning I made a batch of the last recipe to be trialled and tasted by “Mr Cupcake and Bake”.

So, which baker was to follow in the footsteps of Mary Berry, Rachael Allen and the team at The Great British Bake-off?  Well, none other than my mother and baking inspiration Sheila Gill !!!   As promised, here is the hand me down family recipe that I grew up with…

Sheila’s flapjack recipe

A few things to note about this recipe.

First is the pared-down list of ingredients required… just the 3!!  Butter, demerara sugar and porridge oats plus a pinch of salt (NO golden syrup).

Second is just a small tweak in method (Mum always melts her butter first, before adding sugar….most other recipes I’ve ever made melt the sugar and butter in one stage).

Final difference (for me) is that her recipe is written only in ounces!!   This meant I had to employ the use of my wonderful Joseph Joseph “Conversion worktop saver” and set my weighing scales to the very infrequently used Imperial setting!

My wonderful Joseph Joseph conversion worktop saver… an imperial-metric godsend!

Ingredients:  60z of butter, 6oz demerara sugar, 8oz porridge oats and a pinch of salt.


1.   Melt butter on a low heat on the hob

2.  Add demerara sugar and stir gently until dissolved and the mixture is bubbling slightly.

Bubbling mixture, melt butter first THEN add sugar and dissolve.

3.  Remove from hob, add oats and pinch of salt and stir THOROUGHLY until oats are evenly coated by the butter and sugar syrup.

4.  Spoon mixture into a swiss-roll sized baking sheet or small roasting tray, bake at Gas 5 until golden brown.

Oven Ready flappies!

5.  Remove from oven, leave 10 mins then mark out bars in the mixture.  Leave to cool completely, then remove from tin.

Here is a picture of the finished flapjacks, as presented to Mr Cupcake and Bake to taste…

Mum’s flapjacks ready for the big taste-test!

And the winner is….? Well Mr Cupcake and Bake deliberated long and hard, and I didn’t tell him which flapjack was which…. but after his consideration he awarded the first prize rosette to… Mary Berry (don’t tell my mum!!)   My conclusions When I tried the four different versions of flapjack, to be honest I found Mary Berry’s to be too sweet and treacly.  Rachel Allen’s were too dense and cake like for me because of the addition of flour to the dry ingredients.  My Mum’s are very crispy as a result of no syrup being added to the mixture.  My favourite was the batch taken from The Great British Bake-Off cookbook…. but I think that was because they had added walnuts (which I love). My mothers favourite was Rachel Allen’s recipe!  Followed by her own… Clearly the ingredients used has a huge affect on the finished product and, depending on your personal preferences, I would recommend the following: 1. For those with a very sweet tooth – Mary Berry’s flapjacks2. For those who enjoy a traditional and more substantial flapjack – Rachel Allen3. For those who prefer a crispier flapjack – Sheila Gill4. If you like something fairly sweet with a contrast ingredient texture – The Great British Bake-off is for you. At the end of the day, as with most things, it is certainly a matter of taste and personal preference…. and of course there is nothing to say you cannot alter the recipe of one slightly to make your PERFECT flapjack!  Go on, give it a go!! Denise  

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  1. October 30, 2013 12:24 pm

    very interesting, I love flapjack and have too tried lots of recipes to find the perfect one, I like a chewy texture and the one that works best for me was miranda gardiner recipe which I think was in a waitrose magazine, you could google it, but they don’t go hard it has condensed milk in it so a really rich/fattening bake, but yummy!

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