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Baker’s Choice? The Kitchen Diva gets Birthday Fever!

July 29, 2011

Morning all!  Yesterday was my birthday – and what a super day I had, with lots of cards, presents, flowers and good wishes from my wonderful family and friends!!  Here is a picture of my fabulous flowers!

Birthday Roses from The Real Flower Company

A lot of my Facebook buddies wanted to know “just who makes the birthday cake” on such an occasion?  Well, I’m afraid that being a workday birthday Mr Cupcake and Bake was just not able rise to the challenge and my mother claims not to be able to get on with our oven (a likely story)…. so the answer was “I did”!

What did I make?  My choice was a semi-healthy one – carrot cake!  And here it is….

Carrot Cake for The Kitchen Diva

Although quite a simple cake choice, I can report that it tasted delish and the multiple layers of Cinammon Cream Cheese Frosting were a hit with all the family.

As for next year I think I’ll definitely have to make myself an Olympic themed celebration cake….as I gather the London 2012 games officially open the day before my birthday.  Thinking cap on Denise! Denise x


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