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“The Great British Bake-off”; looking forward to Series 2!

August 4, 2011

Last year a new BBC2 series hit the screens that fired the enthusiasm of a whole new army of home-bakers!

“The Great British Bake-Off”, featuring the baking wisdom and judgement of the wonderful Mary Berry and artisan baker Paul Hollywood, was even mentioned by Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans almost every week!!  Illustrating how the art and science of baking can capture the interest of (seemingly) the most unlikely of people, Chris told listeners how he and wife Tash were so inspired by the cakey bakey goings on that quite often they would find themselves out in the kitchen during the following days, trying out the recipes and challenges for themselves.

Well, good news Chris and everybody else who was well and truly hooked last year (myself included), the second series is almost with us!!  Even better, there is a Great British Bake Off website you can visit to keep up with all the latest news from the show.

Front cover of the GORGEOUS new book!

I’ve mentioned a number of the recipes that appeared in the book that accompanied the first series several times in this blog –  and have tried a good number of them here at home… one of my favourites being the gorgeous “Nutty Flapjack”.   Happily this time, ahead of the transmission of the 2nd TV series, we see the publication of the new book…. “The Great British Bake Off – How to Bake the perfect Victoria Sponge & other baking secrets”.  This landed on my doorstep yesterday courtesy of Amazon.   It really is a lovely looking book, very satisfying to hold and leaf through (sorry a Kindle will never “do” it for me) and all “cook-book junkies” will understand my sentiment when they see the fabulous pictures and tempting recipes!

It looks to be a treasure trove of baking inspiration that I look forward to trying in the coming weeks – covering the whole range of baking skills (breads, biscuits, tarts, patisseries, puddings and – of course – cakes), courtesy of one Linda Collister – who I’m pleased to see has been accredited on the front cover of the book this time round.

If you buy a copy of the book, you are promised special access to further “Exclusive Recipes” …. that the finalists made during the series, however these will not be available until the series has aired, in order to keep the suspense going and not to reveal the winner’s name prematurely of course!   Needless to say I’ve already registered, and look forward to trying these out in the fullness of time AND I’m really looking forward to snuggling up on the sofa to watch those brave baking souls during  the series in the coming weeks.

Last time round the series was won by Edd Kimber aka “The Boy Who Bakes“….I wonder who it will be this time round? AND (sschh, I’m probably not meant to ask this) will it be a male or female victor this year??  “Come on girls”!!!!

Feeling inspired already…

Denise x

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