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Vintage style “Lace and Pearls” wedding cake – in the limelight at Bury Court!

August 14, 2011

Every wedding is a special event…fact… and every time I arrive at a venue to deliver a cake, I just cannot help but be caught up in the glow of  love and happiness that generally surrounds all those taking part in a couple’s big day.  Last Saturday however, I was especially struck by the love and friendship shown to a couple by their closest friends, when I was fortunate enough to play a small part in the wedding of Beth and Stu.

The couple both have exceptionally busy careers as Beth is a teacher and Stu is in the Royal Navy.   When I met Beth early this year she explained that a number of the couple’s friends and family had offered to be quite “hands on” in helping them organise their very special celebrations.   When I arrived at The Barn however,  I was really amazed by the veritable army of friends buzzing around helping  to get the venue ready…. putting into place all the extra special touches to make Beth and Stu’s day just perfect!  What wonderful friends and family they have!

The glorious venue – The Barn at Bury Court

The Barn at Bury Court is a fabulous venue, in the heart the country on the Hampshire/Surrey borders between Farnham and Alton.  The surrounding gardens and landscape are stunning and the barn itself has been beautifully renovated and appointed to provide one of the best country venues I’ve seen.   The couple’s “theme” therefore was very in tune with the surroundings…in Beth’s words “vintage and gardeny”… and on that basis we agreed on a “vintage lace and pearls” style for the day cake.  Here it is sitting on the beautiful “Graceful Tiers” cakestand under a spotlight of its very own!

Given the size constraints of the cakestand being used,each tier was made with 3 layers of cake to ensure enough to feed the 100 guests for dessert.  The couple chose three fabulously flavoursome cakes;  the top being Lemon, middle was Carrot and the bottom tier a moist chocolate cake.   The decoration of the top and bottom tier was styled to give the feel of vintage lace.  The middle tier featured a string of pearls…trimmed below with a length of beautiful lace sourced from Macculloch and Wallis in London.    The overall effect was restful and so evocative of a bygone age.

For the evening, Beth and Stu had asked for 100 cupcakes, which  I decorated with a mix of lace hearts, vintage-style cameos, blue hydrangeas and handmade roses…. to echo once again the surroundings and vintage/garden vibe the couple wished for.

A range of vintage cupcakes – photographed before leaving

It is always lovely to see everything “come together” for a bride and groom, and a real privilege to take part in their day…and although the cakes for this one were a long time in the preparation and making,  I will remember this wedding with particular affection for a long time to come.  All the best to Beth & Stu!

Denise x

(Photo credits: Denise Allen and Kevin Watkins Photography)


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