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East, West? Home’s Best!

October 9, 2011

Mr Cupcake and Bake and I have just returned from a 10 day whistlestop tour of some of the greatest East coast cities of America and Canada.   A circular tour starting and finishing in “The Big Apple” New York, our adventure took in Boston, Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Niagara, through Pensylvania to Washington and Philadelphia.

Times Square at night.

It was hubby’s first trip across the Atlantic.  For me, it was the third time only… and on the previous two occasions I’ve been based firmly in the tourist & shopping hotspots of Orlando and New York.   This time, we were both gonna see the real countryside and experience the vast open spaces…. we couldn’t wait, and were not disappointed!  There were so many highlights; of course we experienced a lot of the famous “sights” – but we also saw a glimpse of “real life”, as only travelling by road can give you.

One of the first things that struck both of us was the frequent sight of the “Stars and Stripes” adorning so many of the homes, shops and public buildings.  There was a palpable sense of pride in the Homeland; so many flags and banners out on display – certainly there was no forgetting where we were!

Charming rural scene in Pennsylvania

With the Fall colours coming to prominence through New England and Vermont, combined with the many charming agricultural vistas witnessed throughout Lancaster county,  I honestly felt a strong sense of “home”, comfort and community during our journey through the States.  The annual celebration of Halloween only added to the charm – with many displays of seasonal pumpkins on the front porches and doorsteps.

Plunging back into the metropolis of New York at the end of the 10 days was a particular shock and a real contrast… so many people with “places to go and people to see”.  Mr Cupcake and Bake was constantly amazed by the 3/4 deep rows of people heading directly at you when crossing the street!!

By the time we boarded our plane to return to the United Kingdom, we had so many memories of the places we’d been to, people we’d met and things that we’d seen…

Street entertainment in Lancaster County

enough to keep us going for a long long time to come.   Certainly for me there was plenty of baking inspiration along the way (more of that another time)!

Was there a sense of regret to be leaving? In some ways yes, but remember that “warm and fuzzy” feeling of home that I mentioned earlier?  Well, of course, that came flooding back as soon as we landed and drove through the Hampshire countryside towards our home in Widley – and to pull into the drive and see all the familiar faces and signs of home was just the best feeling!

Travelling is an amazing privilege, one that broadens the mind for sure (as the old saying goes) but let’s be in no doubt – “East, West – Home’s Best”!   Nothing beats home and family… don’t you feel the same?

Denise x

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  1. October 10, 2011 5:57 am

    Great blog and great photos 🙂


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