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The Cake Diva gets Disco Fever!

February 17, 2012

Every once in a while, along comes a cake commission that kinda “takes over” my life.  From the very first conversation with the client, even when I’m not actively “working” on it, my sub-conscious is quietly mulling over the possibilities.

Well, in the summer of 2011 this is exactly what happened!   Wendy (a long-standing client of mine) approached me to design a 10th wedding anniversary cake for her and her husband Pete, which was going to be held at Farnham Castle in Surrey in mid Feb 2012.   The theme for the big party in this beautiful location, was to be “60/70’s retro disco”.  Gun fired….

Now at the time I was really busy with wedding commissions and birthday cakes, but immediately the creative juices started to flow and over the next few months an idea was created.   Wendy, bless her, likes to set a challenge and in addition to her Disco theme the overall remit was for a minimum of 5 tiers, incorporating “Wonky Cakes” that was to be “way out there”.

So whilst I remained focused on my Summer of Love, during my spare moments I decided to root out my Saturday Night Fever CD and, to a backdrop of  The Bee Gees and The Tavares, I immersed myself into the images, colours and spirit of the 60s & 70s… (being a child of the late 60’s and growing up through the 70’s I really enjoyed this stroll down memory lane!!)

Over the next months Wendy and I exchanged ideas, and in November of 2011 we agreed on the final design… to incorporate the figures shown on their party invitations, disco balls, flower power, piano keyboards, music notes, lurid clashing colours and… wait for it … a space hopper!   All I had to do then was order all the ingredients and plan my baking and decorating schedule…

Well, after many months of planning and work, last weekend was the big party and I’m proud to present the cakes… yes cakes, because we decided to display the Space Hopper (an iconic 70’s childhood toy) alongside the main cake as he was so special in his own right!   What do you think, I hope you like them?

The bright colours and funky designs were great fun to work with… and making the Mexican paste figures around the bottom from a template of the party invitation itself was really rewarding as they looked stunning on the bottom tier.

So, thanks to Wendy & Pete for this wonderful project it was GROOVY!

Denise x

(Images: Denise Allen & Breeze Photographic)


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