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Hurrah for the Heroes!

May 19, 2012

A few weeks back I was surprised and delighted to receive a certificate of thanks through the post from the charity Help for Heroes, thanking me for my support in their fundraising efforts.   I’d done such a small thing (donating some cupcake cases to a charity cake sale in Winchester) but I’d been more than happy to help and the thanks was very much appreciated.   Like many, I am in awe of those girls and boys in our Navy, Army and Air Force and the bravery and commitment they demonstrate in carrying out their service to our Country.   I feel so proud of their courage and that of their families while they are away on active service and I can only imagine it is their sense of pride, duty and professionalism that drives them to carry on in the face of such adversity.

We have a lot to be proud of right now as a country I believe.  It will be such an exciting time to be living in the UK  during the coming couple of months.  Yesterday saw the arrival of the Olympic flame to our shores, and over the coming 70 days it will make an 8,000 mile journey travelling the length and breadth of our beautiful country before arriving in the Olympic Stadium in  London on 27th July.

By coincidence (?) – maybe, but I think probably not – on the same day HM The Queen hosted a lunch at Windsor Castle for a glittering array of ruling Monarchs from around the World in honour of her 60 years on the Throne.  Although, inevitably, some controversy ensued over some of those included on the guest list and those who did or did not turn up – it was a rare occasion to see so many ennobled heads gathered together in one place… and it made me feel proud to see them all here in honour of our wonderful Queen.

We may have our ups and downs in this country but there is none better at service, pomp & circumstance, in organising a great event worthy of the World stage or, indeed, knowing how to  “throw a good party”!  It will be only the hard-hearted and somewhat disconnected amongst of us who will fail to get on board and join in the sense of pride at the achievements of our Monarch and all those World class athletes in coming weeks; I for one am quite excited about it all!

This morning I have watched  the Armed Forces Jubilee parade, held at Windsor Castle, featuring all the three services looking their most pristine best, marching for their Monarch and Colonel In Chief.  A fabulous display of military precision followed by a superb flypast featuring Lancaster, Spitfires, Tornadoes and (of couse who else?) The Red Arrows.    At the same time, the Olympic flame has started its journey, today through Cornwall, carried by maybe less well known,  but nonetheless fabulous local heroes.

So join with me in offering a rousing “Hurrah” and sincere thanks for our country’s many heroes – The Queen, Her Armed Service personnel, athletes and torch bearers  – and I urge you to enjoy the coming few weeks of pageantry and sporting excitement. One things for sure and dandy, not many of us will witness another Diamond Jubilee or UK Olympic Games again in our lifetime, so embrace it all with fervour!

Come Jubilee weekend, all being well, I look forward to having my family around me and enjoying a right royal tea party (just like we did when Wills & Kate got married last year!)…. happy days!

Denise x

Image of troops: BBC – see more here

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