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Cake of the Week: “Maddie’s Favourite Things” – a “Happy 18th Birthday” cake spectacular!

June 9, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, Sandi and Jonathan asked me if I could make their daughter Maddie an 18th birthday cake, “something really special”, depicting many of the things that Maddie had liked and enjoyed in her first 18 years.   Apparently Maddie had seen the 10th anniversary cake I’d made for her neighbour Wendy (see “The Cake Diva gets Disco Fever“) on Facebook and had shown the pictures to Sandi…. and a little plan was hatched in Mum’s head!

The Disco Fever cake that inspired Maddie’s special cake

I asked Sandi to think of all the things that are/have been special to Maddie during her young life, and Sandi obliged with a wonderful and comprehensive list.   Some things you’d expect, common to most young girls – fashion, shoes and make-up.   For Maddie, more specifically, was also her I-phone, Mini Coopers and her beloved pet dog “Ted” the West Highland Terrier .  A talented musician, Mum also wanted me to include Maddie’s love of the piano, clarinet and violin – and her passion for singing.  Favourite song? Oh yes, Beyonce’s  “Listen”.  Finally, a love of the sea in general and Disney’s Little Mermaid was mentioned as an early favourite film.

Armed with this list, I began to design.   I submitted a rough sketch to Sandi to bring to life some of my ideas, and I show this initial sketch below.  Now I’m no artist as you can tell (!) but this is an important step and in this case it helped Sandi to visualise my concept and for me to be sure all the different themes in this design could “work” together.

As you will see, if you look carefully, things did indeed change around slightly when it came to making the cake…. bottom and middle layer “swapped” around and the  “Happy Birthday Maddie” moved to the top cake.  However, in essence, the design ended up pretty much “on sketch”…. and I present a few pictures of the finished article here in this post.  Ted the Westie did stay on the top cake in pride of place and the I-phone and Mini Cooper logo did indeed appear on the same layer – although you cannot see them in the photo.

I’m delighted to say that Mum and Dad – Sandi and Jonathan – were delighted with the cake when I met them at the party venue “Bon East” in Farnham in Surrey.  Even better, today I had an email from Sandi to say that Maddie too was especially delighted with her special cake…

“Dear Denise, Just to say a VERY BIG THANK for Maddie’s beautiful cake – she was thrilled beyond belief!!!  In fact, she didn’t want it cut and just wanted to keep it intact at home. :-)”

Now that is music to my ears and makes all the hours and hours of work completely worthwhile…

Happy Birthday Maddie!

Denise x

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