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Lets plan the Perfect Pirate Party!

June 30, 2012

Throwing a party can be so much fun, and if you plan it around a theme, then you can let your imagination truly run wild!  I’m a born organiser and (I’ll admit it) once I get a plan in mind, I tend to go the the ‘enth degree in terms of detail.  Our wedding reception was a case in point – but more of that another day!

As I make a celebration cake, I often wonder if is just one small part of an entirely themed party or if it is a random “stand alone” piece.   Personally I prefer to give an event a cohesive feel and will often spend some considerable time finding “the perfect item” to complete “the look” but I understand that not everybody is as much of an “anorak” as I am!  The internet is a mightily helpful tool in finding places selling the “perfect” themed piece of stationery or decoration and so I thought I’d pander to my love of party planning and post a new regular feature “Plan the Perfect Party” with a theme per post.

So, to kick off, this week’s post theme is: planning the perfect children’s PIRATE themed party – featuring of course very special cakes!

Your perfect PIRATE PARTY wish list…..


There are some fabulous options available these days; “social stationery” is big business now and its almost impossible to choose from the variety of designs available.  As well as the “on the shelf” ranges, you can go bespoke OR even make them yourselves from materials bought online or at your local craft shop such as Hobbycraft.

For the munchkin pirates in your lives, I’ve found these three lovely designs, with one even tailored for the mini-Keira-Knightley of the family!  I found these three designs on  Not on the High Street, Party Pieces and Partypacks*


Naturally you’ll want to keep your china in one piece, so how about using these wonderful paper plates and cups instead, which are to be found on Talking Tables, with the lovely tablecloth from Party Baggers*


Featuring a couple of my own cakes of course (although I wish the picture quality on these was a little better)!  Usually I’m just asked for “pirate theme” and I can let loose with my imagination or, occasionally, I will be asked to include a specific design element.  There are many talented home bakers around these days in most areas of the country.  Just search online in your area for “celebration cakes” and I’m sure you’ll get many names to choose from.   It isn’t always necessary to meet face to face, a lot of information can be exchanged via emails with pictures.  However if you don’t meet personally, I do recommend that you check that your home baker has all the appropriate insurances in place, and has a food hygiene certification.  Alternatively you can find some good value, albeit less personalised, options in the large supermarket chains.

Dressing the venue

Whether you have the party or home or in a village hall or hotel function room, there are some fantastic options to dress the room to match your theme! Check out these pirate themed balloons, bunting and banners and frightening skeleton pirate figure cut-out ….

Games / Entertainment

After the party food is eaten the kids will most likely want some party entertainment.  If you don’t hire somebody in, or cannot persuade dad to dress up as Cap’n Jack, then try these relatively inexpensive ideas for keeping the kiddies busy – including Pirate Skittles, Pirate game “Fossil Island” and (always popular) dressing up in a Pirate Costume!

Time to go home

When all the fun and games are over, send your little guests home tired but happy, complete with pirate themed masks and goody bags!  Don’t forget to put a bit of the party cake in the bag now…

I hope you like these selection of ideas and have a wonderful party!

Denise x

Please note
The websites I visited to find the products featured above were: Party Pieces, Partyrama, Partypacks, Talking Tables, Party Baggers and Not On The High Street.
I am not affiliated to any of the suppliers mentioned in this post; these are just personal recommendations of products I might buy if I were organising a lovely pirate party!
Please note I have not purchased items from the websites marked * and cannot vouch for the customer service or quality of items purchased from these suppliers.  Denise x
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