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Cake of the Week: Winnie the Pooh Wonky Cake!

July 9, 2012

This week I bring you my “Winnie The Pooh Wonky” a three tiered delight, matched with cupcakes, to celebrate the 1st birthday and christening of young man called Riley.

Its been a long time since I read all about Christopher Robin and his chums from the 100-acre Wood… but this timeless tale of love and friendship is still as popular now as it was in my childhood, and even long before that!  I was utterly delighted to be asked to make this cake because it gave me the perfect excuse to take a walk down memory lane….

Mostly, when we think of Winnie The Pooh, we see the images from the classic Walt Disney film…. and indeed it is from the beautiful illustrations of Walt’s animators that I have created my own cake characters.    Once again I drafted the design in a pencil drawing….shown here.

This design came together in my mind almost immediately; the bottom tier shows Pooh and Piglet relaxing by the river fishing.  The middle tier shows the way to Pooh Corner and the entrance to Pooh’s House.  Eeyore is looking a little dejected because he missed the fishing expedition!

The top tier is a big pot of “Hunny” with the sweet honey spilling over the side where that naughty bear has been helping himself to some – no doubt for honey sandwiches packed in his rucksack and almost certainly eaten before arriving at the river!  The angry bees are buzzing overhead, protective of the fruits of their labours…

Lots of beautiful woodland trees and flowers decorate the scene and bring to mind the joy of lazy summer days spent with friends.  “Pooh” says Piglet.. “how do you spell love?”

“You don’t spell it, you FEEL it” replies Pooh.


Denise x

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