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Back on the road again!

July 14, 2012

At last, after a long long break, I’ve managed to restart my virtual long distance walk around Britain again!  OK I know it’s only day one, but its definitely a case of one step at a time and keep a positive attitude!  I’m actually feeling more confident, now that I’ve moved to a new 9-5 daytime job that doesn’t impact on my evenings at all, that I’ll get more “me-time” in which to walk and get fit… and hopefully complete my challenge!  Briefly – the idea was to “walk around Britain” (at home on my treadmill hence “virtual”) a little at a time, baking a regional speciality as I go….thereby walking off the calories before I try the end product of my baking!

I have another motivation as well; together with a friend I’ve decided I’d like to enter the 2013 London Moonwalk and for sure I need to get training for that.  I completed the Moonwalk in 2006 (see the pictures above & below!) and it was a big effort even then, when I was much fitter and trimmer than I am now!

So this morning, despite the miserable wet weather (a typical summer day?), I pulled on my trainers and set out on my way.   I walked 4 miles, or 6.44 kilometres  in just under an hour and fifteen minutes.  Not brilliant, but not bad for a first effort and only one blister to report!   In terms of my virtual walk, back on stage 1, today’s walk would pitch me about a quarter of the way between Lands End and Zennor (read my original post here).

So wish me luck dear reader, that I keep my resolve, and keep on walking!

Denise x

PS: having more time of an evening means I have more time to bake, so feel free to contact me if you want that special celebration cake…. I would love to hear from you! Denise x


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