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The Hairy (what!) Dieters? Looking forward to the new book from The Hairy Bikers

July 15, 2012

I’ve experienced quite a lot of changes in my professional life over the last 2/3 years, and quite honestly there are times when I’ve thought I’d never get “settled” again.  Well, keep your fingers crossed… maybe I’m there at last; I’m certainly feeling a lot sunnier in myself right now and working in a happy environment where all around are encouraged to succeed, and the pursuit of money is not the primary objective (more about that perhaps another time).

During the last years, due to work commitments and lots of changes, I’ve not had an awful lot of time to exercise, and as you probably know, when you continue to eat at the same rate but stop exercising there is only one result!!!  For months I’ve wanted to start doing something about that, but now even more so – as most of my work colleagues are very active, sporty and trim!   So what is going on in my mind there do you think… is it vanity getting to me?

Maybe, maybe not…  BUT then I saw this advertised on Amazon and thought to myself, if these guys can do it, surely I must be able to!

Si and Dave of the Hairy Bikers are absolutely fabulous guys, who write great cook books and make really entertaining TV cookery shows… and they’ve always appeared to be happy with their appearance and size, but apparently this is not the case and in the last few months they’ve trimmed down by 3 stones each!  Don’t they look even more fabulous now!!  If you watch the trailer, it claims they’ve done it without cutting out all their favourite things…AND the book even includes a low fat (but apparently delicious) low fat cake!

I’ve got my copy already ordered, and I’m hoping that Mr Cupcake and Bake and I will enjoying the same success as Si and Dave in the not too distant future!

If you watched their series “The Hairy Bikers Bakeation” from earlier this year, you may have seen a scene in Norway when those guys enjoyed a hot-tub wearing very itsy-bitsy costumes revealing quite a lot of themselves in the process!  Although somewhat shocked by this sight before the watershed, I gave them utmost respect for their bravery in front of the camera and a massive audience… but I wonder now if seeing this was their motivation to get eating more healthily?

So, if you enjoy cooking, and baking in particular, keep watching the blog – I’ll be reviewing the book when it arrives and letting you guys know how we get on!  Hopefully this, combined with my recently started fitness campaign will result in a trimmer Mrs Cupcake and Bake before the year is out!

Wish me luck

Denise x


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