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Lets Plan… the perfect Liverpool FC themed birthday party!

July 17, 2012

A few months back I was asked to make a 50th birthday cake for a Liverpool FC fan.

Well, I’ll be frank. I’m not the BIGGEST footie follower….so I consulted Mr Cupcake and Bake about the design of the cake I might make – as you could call football “in general” as his specialist subject.   Mind you, when I mentioned Liverpool he nearly had some sort of seizure. He is a Chelsea fan.  If you understand UK club football, I gather you’ll “understand” why this might be a natural reaction (tee-hee)

Moving on…

So, if you’re planning a birthday party for a football fan…. it’s a great opportunity to theme up a wonderful event!   Of course you could substitute your own favourite FC if you’re not a Liverpool fan!

First, send out the invites – there is a lot of choice out there!

I particularly like the Quentin Blake style on the left.

Now to dress the venue; lets create a backdrop.  What about this – I love the crowd scene on the left and its a massive size, so it would work brilliantly in a hall or club house, but could be a bit big in the average front room!  There are smaller versions too (see right).  I always like bunting around the house for a party – so why not add one of the two styles below – either the classic black and white or the “football mad” range…

Now add the detail, maybe a few footie hero cutouts? If you’re a Liverpool fan, even I know, Stevie G is your man!!

Moving on to the cake…. below you will see the cake I made for 50th birthday boy Mark.  Each current Liverpool player was written onto the football pitch.  This is where I had to consult Mr Cupcake and Bake – I wanted him to act as the Liverpool coach and pick the “dream team” – circa 2011, I imagine they’re all moved around by now?  On top of the cake you’ll spot a cute footballer in red football strip.  These can be purchased from a number of cake decorating sites…. mine came from Cake Craft World.

If you’ve got party food and drink you’re going to need plates and cups…. what about this Liverpool themed table ware – just dress your table with either a red or green table cloth and it’ll look fab!

For the perfect present for the football mad birthday boy or girl, I’d probably head over to the team’s official site to visit their shop and see how much the latest football strip costs…  and if the weather outside is good enough they can wear it for a kick about with the party guests.

When its time to go home, why not pack them off with a lovely themed party box – you can even buy them pre-filled with lots of footie themed “bits and bobs” inside… or alternatively if you have decided to make cupcakes you can pop one in the footie favour box (centre below).

Clearly RED is the colour for this party…but just substitute your team’s colours and this would all work just as well.   In fact, come December, I may well have to recreate the birthday cake in Chelsea’s team colours for my hubby… I’d better revise the current team players names before then!

Have you held a footie themed party? Which is THE team in your household?

Denise x

Items featured in this post were found at the following suppliers:  Partyrama, Party Things 2 Go, Party Pieces, Party Delights and Party Stuff Online

and the cake of course is available from Cupcake and Bake (aka The Cake Diva!) and the little cute footballer was sourced from Cake Craft World

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