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On the road again… Month 1 update!

August 13, 2012

My how time flies by! Incredibly almost 3 weeks have gone by since I posted at the end of the 1st week of my renewed fitness campaign/virtual long distance walk!  The good news is that, despite a couple of “hiccups” (ie: an incredibly busy week 2 making cakes every day, then a couple of days ill during week 3), I’ve managed to continue to “get up, get out and walking” at least 3 times a week – usually 4 times!

I’ve increased my distances, and have definitely increased my speed (evidenced by my hubby who had trouble keeping up when he joined me last Saturday morning!) all of which is really encouraging, and reminds me how quickly the body can respond once you ask “physical questions” of it – if you’re fortunate enough to be generally fit and well of course.

After week 1, you may remember I’d got to 20 miles down.  During the following week hubby and I were on a week’s leave from work and we were out and about enjoying the amazing sunny weather and visiting local attractions including RHS Wisley and The Weald and Downland Musuem.  We did manage to walk most days before leaving home, and clocked up an additional 18 miles (this despite me baking every night when I came home!).   Here are a few images of Wisley and Weald & Downland….

During week 3 I was a little poorly but nevertheless I managed a further 15 miles.  This week another 11.2 so far… and I’m only 2 days in.   Physically I’m doing ok, but did suffer 2 days with hideously awful blisters on the balls of my feet, when it was almost impossible to put them to the ground when I took off my trainers.   Afterwards, sitting there with my feet in a bowl of salty water, I thought to myself, “hold on, these trainers are 6 years old”, realising that perhaps it was about time I treated my feet to a new pair with a little cushioning on them!

I bought my new trainers, and “anti-blister” socks (loving the sound of these!) from Wiggle and was very impressed with both the speed of their service, customer care, plus the little bag of fizzy sweets sent as a “thank you” for the order!  See the picture above, and I’m not easily impressed!

In terms of my virtual walk, I’m now 13.5 miles outside of Perranporth – only 3.5 miles to go until I reach Mawgan Porth! This is great news as I have now passed the point where I stopped on my challenge last year – and makes me really happy, as it means that this year I’m spending more time doing things for me and improving my health, and less time working!!  That has to be a good thing.

Denise x

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