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Cake of the Week: Celebrating Sandhurst!

August 14, 2012

A few weeks back I was asked to make a very special 18th birthday cake, for a very special young man – one who wants to enter the army and serve his country.

This particular young man, Carl, is currently studying for entry into Sandhurst Military Academy…joining many young men and women in officer training for the British Army.  Sandhurst has trained many many officers in its 200 year history, including, in recent years, both Prince William (Duke of Cambridge) and Prince Harry.

Carl’s father was in the Army himself, and so I designed the cake to reflect the many facets of army life both he had experienced, and that Carl may encounter in the years ahead.  The bottom tier was a “theatre of war” scenario, with a soldier in fatigues and the khaki coloured cake surrounded by silhouettes of tanks and soldiers with arms and explosions!    The middle tier reflects the ceremonial side of life – with soldiers in the their smart red uniforms and bearskins.

The top tier was carved into the shape of a Sandhurst Officer’s cap, smart red and black.  While I was carving this shape I referred to a picture of Prince William himself!

Apparently Carl was so thrilled with his cake (all 3 tiers of chocolate cake), that he wouldn’t allow it to be cut for days – so that he could show all his friends and family!

I wish Carl a happy and SAFE career in the Army and I’m sure that you’d all share in that sentiment – we owe an enormous debt of gratitude to our brave guys and gals on active service.

Denise x

Images: BBC, Denise Allen

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