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The Hairy Dieters’ “Skinny Meat Lasagne”

August 16, 2012

Have you been watching the new series from Dave & Si aka “The Hairy Bikers”?  It’s called “The Hairy Dieters” (you see what they did there?)…. and it follows their efforts to lose weight.   I blogged more about this a few weeks back, as they released the (obligatory) book to accompany the series a week or so before it started.   Spurred on by the image of the two slimline guys on the cover, I duly placed my order with Amazon and the book arrived a week or so later.

My initial flick through the book left me a little disappointed for some reason… it seemed to contain very little dietary advice and was, if anything, very elementary in its approach.  However after further consideration, I can understand this… the book is all about the cooking and their recipes – the guys are not trying to present themselves as diet “gurus” by any means, because they’re not!   So, the first recipe I decided to try out – for all the family to eat – was their “Skinny Meat Lasagne”.

Now I’ll be honest, I’ve got quite a well stocked store cupboard…. but I still had to made a special trip to the supermarket to buy some of the many ingredients the boys list for this one recipe!    Some items, I hope and trust, will feature in many of their other offerings.

Lots of fresh vegetables are needed (and this gave me a bit of a worry when it came to the thought of persuading Mr Cupcake and Bake to try it!) as Mr Vegetable fan he is not 😉

I duly purchased them all.  I made one substitution to their instructions, ditching the vine tomatoes in favour of softened red peppers on the top of the lasagne (as hubby’s constitution is not too keen on lots of tomatoes in one sitting).

Well, after about an hour of preparation and the allotted time in the oven, said lasagne was produced to much acclaim it has to be said in the household!   The absence of pasta (replaced with layers of leeks) was not noticed as the flavour of the many ingredients tickled our tastebuds!  It was yummy, and with the pasta excluded, much friendlier on the waistline!    What is more, by sticking to the recommended portion size – we still had some left over for next day’s lunch!

All in all, first foray into Hairy Dieting was a 10/10!  Well done boys, looking forward to the next one.

Denise x

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