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History and Romance combined… a quintessential English summer wedding at Amberley Castle

December 28, 2012

Amberley template

Somehow or other we’ve got to December 28th; just days away from the end of another year and I find myself wondering how on earth is it possible? It seems like only yesterday it was the (so called) summer and we were fully immersed in the London Olympics – a truly wonderful time for all us Brits, especially coming hard on the heels of the fabulous Diamond Jubilee celebrations of HM Queen Elizabeth II.   Yes, 2012 was a truly historic year, and one that made me feel proud to be British.  Making history, a fighting spirit and the desire to “come together” to celebrate – traits  “us Brits” do well and hold dear to our hearts.

Amberley Castle Wedding August

I have to say that its difficult not to encounter the centuries of history in the UK – its all around us in our towns, cities and villages – but even so every now and again you find another historic gem that you didn’t know about that just takes your breath away.  Looking back over 2012, I remember in particular a stunning and historic wedding venue that I visited in August.  I was asked to provide a wedding cake and cupcakes for the marriage of Diane and Simon at Amberley Castle in West Sussex, and so on a damp August Friday I found myself driving into the beautiful grounds of this 900 year old building (shown above).

Amberley Wedding Cakes

A wedding is an extra special and romantic event wherever it takes place, but throw in a medieval castle and WOW – your romantic wedding becomes very “Knights of the Round Table”!!    Amberley is now a luxurious privately owned hotel – but the owners have retained the unique and special flavour of the venue and whilst I set up the cakes in the great hall I felt very privileged indeed to experience such a place.  Even better, whilst I was there the clouds parted, the sun started to shine and the perfect wedding day began…

Diane & Simon's Wedding 001

Just before Christmas the couple sent me some pictures from their day, including one shown below, and my memories of that fabulous place and lovely day came streaming back… romance and history – what else can beat it?

Denise x

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