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One for the “Kitchen Wish-list”: Lakeland’s folding Bread Proofer

December 29, 2012

Bread template

Amazing.  Weeks and weeks of the family asking me what I’d like for Christmas and 3 days after the event Lakeland’s latest catalogue drops through the letter box and I spy the perfect “wanna-have” that I probably will never justify buying for myself!!   Ty-pi-cal but never mind – on it goes to my Kitchen Wish-List… the Lakeland Bread Proofer by Brod & Taylor.

Bread Proofer

You may wonder why I am lusting after this item…well since we moved some three years ago I’ve never yet successfully baked a loaf of bread and the reason is not “in the bake” (as a certain Mr Paul Hollywood is always quoting), no, I fail in the prooving stage (or is that “proving”?) because for some reason our house just doesn’t have the ideal warm spot.  In our flat I could always use the airing cupboard with great success – the loaves would double in size within the hour.   Here, despite an Aga-style oven, I have yet to find the perfect spot… the temperature is either too high or too low with a dough that is flat as the proverbial pancake or crusty before reaching the oven!

Folding Bread Proofer

The price-tag is pretty chunky at £149.99 (especially straight after Christmas) and to be honest I can buy an awful lot of shop loaves for the same amount BUT is shop bread in the same league?  Oh dear, I feel a struggle developing in my head…

If you’ve purchased the Bread Proofer, or know someone who has one already, I would love to know how they rate it.  Is it worth the investment?

Denise x

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