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Cake Art – A World of Inspiration

January 1, 2013

Pinterest Template

Even if I had all the time in the World, and lived until I was 100 years old, I would never have the time or the energy to make all the cake designs that come into my mind.    Plus, really, you ultimately have to wait for the appropriate order to come along before you can justify baking up a 3 tier cake and breaking out the sugarpaste!   Although I love to design and decorate cakes, there really is only so much you can ask your family and friends to eat without them bursting out of their clothes!

Cake resistance!

Last year I signed up to Pinterest and have been constantly amazed by the myriad of wonderful cake designs and extremely talented, imaginative and skilled cake decorators there are out there in the big wide world!   If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, it is basically an online pinboard that you can tailor to your interests.  You can search for subjects you’re interested in and then “Like” and “Repin” images you like on to your own pinboard.   You can also “Follow” other contributors with similar interests to your own.  By clicking the image below you can visit my boards.

Cupcake and Bake Pinterest

By entering the word “cake” into my search box, a world of beautiful and inspiring cake designs are now delivered to me without having to search the entire net myself… allowing me the privilege of seeing other peoples cake designs in one convenient place – a great way to spend a few minutes (or hours!) and of course you can leave images on your pinboards until you do get that special order and can draw some elements of design inspiration into your own designs.

**Important Point to Note** Whilst this can be a creative “jump start” it is (in my mind) still imperative to maintain the originality of your own designs and resist any temptation to copy others work like for like – there is no satisfaction in this for you as a designer!   I often upload images of my designs to my Pinterest account and whilst I’m happy to share,  I really hope that others would acknowledge my work if they use it as a catalyst for any cakes they make!

So, with that caveat in mind, I would like to share some inspiring designs I’ve found via Pinterest (and the web in general) with you every so often in this new “series” called Inspiring Cake Art.  Where possible I will credit the sugar artist in each post (however it is sometimes very difficult to “drill down” to this information if it has been repinned many times).

The first design will be posted shortly.  Enjoy.

Denise x

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