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Inspiring Cake Art: Tartan Beauties!

January 1, 2013

Tartan Cake template

Welcome to the first post of this series – in which I celebrate the World of Cake Artistry and the talent of other sugar artists.

Today I feature two beautiful cakes  –  just perfect for Hogmanay celebrations, or a Scottish wedding perhaps.  Both are stunning in their design, and artistry skills.

It just feels “right” to showcase these today January 1st, after the New Year revelry that no doubt took place north of the border! 

Tartan Red Reindeer Cake

Image 1: Isn’t it gorgeous! I love the deep red of the tartan (matched to the cake stand itself for an impressive professional display) and the heraldic quality of the reindeer motifs and antlers!  Very Baronial and “Monarch of the Glen”!

Tartan Piper Cake

Image 2: I am in total awe of this design…and whilst I accept that it may not be to everybody’s taste, my goodness you cannot help but admire the complexity of the design and the skill required to pull it off!  I think this would be ideally suited to a Burn’s Night celebration… what do you think?

Sadly I do not recognise the tartan featured in either design… it has been too long since I visited Scotland!  Does any reader know if either design shows a genuine Clan tartan? Do let me know.

Denise x

NB: Credits

Image 1  was sourced via Pinterest here

Image 2 was sourced via Pinterest here

Note: I am currently attempting to establish the name and details of the two sugar artists and will post these once confirmed.  If you are the creator of either cake please get in touch and I will post immediate accreditation.

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