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Happy 150th Birthday to London Underground

January 9, 2013

London Underground Template

Today is the 150th birthday/anniversary of the wonderful institution that is the London Underground.  A fabulous, much loved service that is a huge contributing factor to the successful operation of one of the biggest cities in the World.    Life without the London Underground would surely be a transport nightmare – certainly it is my preferred method of zipping round when I’m up in Town.

London Underground Logo

London Underground Map

I just love the iconic design of the Underground logo too… simple yet effective and universally understood.   Similarly, Underground network map is a marvel – and how I visualise navigating round London even if I’m not on the trains themselves!  Read more about the Underground at the official website TFL (Transport for London).

I haven’t yet made a cake incorporating the Underground, but I have seen two lovely examples in recent times and I picture them below.

London Underground Map cake

Lindy Smith Transport London cake

Aren’t they fab? And it just goes to show that surely any subject can be incorporated into a cake design in an attractive way…. and to prove the point – how about this lovely cake featuring the New York Subway!?

NYC Subway Cake

Denise x

Cakey Credits:

Underground Map Cake:

London / Transport Cake: Lindy Smith (from the “Contemporary Cake Decorating Bible”)

NYC Subway Cake: Sweetelement

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