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Cake of the Week : Happy 90th Birthday BBC Radio!

January 10, 2013

BBC Radio at 90 template

Back in November the BBC Radio celebrated 90 years “on Air”.  When you really think about it, what an utterly amazing invention the radio was (and is!); it has transformed the lives of the majority of the World’s population in the years since and very worthy of celebration.

Roberts Radio

I must say, even though we are able to access a vast range of media communication channels, I still love to listen to the radio – especially when I am making and decorating cakes!  I love the fact that I can carry on working whilst being entertained by a myriad of programmes produced especially for the listener.  The radio is a much loved companion in my kitchen – even if it is a “beaten up” model, years old and covered in paint!   It has however now got a bit of competition for my affection – in the form of a beautiful new Roberts digital radio – a gift from my hubby for my birthday last year…

I was therefore absolutely delighted to be asked to make a cake to celebrate the event by an old friend whose employer supplies the BBC – even more excited to hear it would be making its way to BBC White City itself!   For inspiration, I was sent photographs of some vintage radios and mics… and from these my design took shape.

And here it is… the traditional curved top wood effect radio; just like the ones you see the family huddled around in pictures of 1940s/50s Britain.

BBC Radio 90th Birthday 004

Inside? 3 rectangular chocolate cakes with a chocolate flavoured sugarpaste covering.    A few days later I was thrilled to receive the picture below, showing the cake with some of the staff at “The Beeb”, and doubly pleased to read the accompanying message.

BBC Radio at 90 Cake

“Thank you so much for the splendid radio cake to celebrate the 90th anniversary of BBC radio transmissions! Photo attached… it has been much enjoyed over the past couple of days ….”

Denise x

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