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The Marwell Cake and Ralph the “Superstar Penguin’s” designer O’Neill wetsuit!

January 11, 2013

Marwell Zoo template

If you’re suffering a little with the January blues – you’ll likely love this next story!

Marwell Zoo is a few miles down the road from us here in Widley;  its a fabulous place, but its too long since I last visited!  This evening my hubby “Mr Cupcake and Bake” came in chuckling away as he’d heard a piece on the radio news about Marwell’s very own “superstar Penguin” Ralph.

Ralph is a 14 year old Penguin living at the zoo who each year sheds his feathers in his annual moult but doesn’t grow them back quickly enough – thus ending up BALD temporarily!  This leaves him vulnerable to the extremes of weather – sunburn is a risk when hot and he gets too cold in the winter, especially when a period of snow and frost is predicted (such as now!).

Ralph Penguins O'Neill websuit

Happily today’s news was that the well known sportswear manufacturer O’Neill has provided Ralph with a brand spanking new wetsuit to wear – to protect him from the cold and replace his old suit that was fraying round the edges!  Fab news and a big HIGH FIVE to O’Neill!!!   I love the picture of Ralph wearing his new suit, standing alongside his “girlfriend” Coral (shown above).

Hearing this story reminded me of a cake I made towards the end of last year for the 50th birthday of one of Marwell’s employees.    I was asked to make a cake for a “wild animal lover” with a Safari-cum-Jungle feel.

Here it is …my Wonky/Mad Hatter Jungle-Safari cake.

Marwell Zoo Cake 1

Marwell Zoo cake 2

I sincerely hope that Ralph keeps warm this weekend as the UK looks forward to its first period of winter snow of the season!

Denise x

Images: Marwell Zoo and Denise Allen, Cupcake and Bake

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