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Baking for Easter… 7 recipes to try this coming Bank Holiday weekend!

March 19, 2013

Easter party setting

Like most, I’m really looking forward to the Easter Bank Holiday weekend… 4 days away from the desk/day job, and an opportunity to spend some quality time with the family.    Although there are no little people in this house (and by this of course I’m referring to children!) I do have a house full… mum, brother, hubby and in-laws – to entertain and feed!  Good job I like to cook and bake, as I spend a good portion of every holiday in the kitchen 🙂

Although I’m a traditional kinda girl, and always always make a Simnel Cake at Easter, this year I wanted to try something a little different and so I trawled the net and have found the following recipes from which I will select my own Easter Bakes.

1. Chocolate Simnel Cake from Delicious Magazine

Chocolate Simnel Cake

Yes, its a Simnel cake but not as we know it in this household, with the addition of chocolate chunks to a rich fruit cake.  This is a “must do” on the list, but I’m not going to mention the additional ingredient – lets just see if their taste buds are tuned-in!

2. Hot Cross Scones from Delicious Magazine 

Hot cross scones

What’s that you say? Hot Cross Scones – something different?? Well yes, because they’re SCONES not BUNS 🙂 I love scones and so these lovelies are high my list!  Only problem with these? Best eaten on the day – its a tough job… x

3.  Teeny Tiny Rainbow Cakes – from

Teeny Tiny Rainbow Cakes

These make the grade just because they make me smile!  The sharp-eyed amongst you might notice that these have Birthday candles on top… but substitute these with some sort of Easter decoration – Mini Eggs, cheery yellow Chicks, Easter cake picks – and there you are; the perfect beautiful bright mini Easter cakes! Yum 🙂

4.   Something for the Kids Easter Nests from Baking

Easter Chocolate Nests

Quick, easy and if you’ve got kids bursting to get involved then this is the one for them!  No baking as such, just a little melting on the hob of butter, golden syrup and chocolate, but the fun comes in the decoration! Kids’ll love this… in this household the kid is my hubby who will no doubt raid the mini-egg store before they get on top of the nests :-)!  Oh, for variety – this recipe uses Shredded Wheat – but could be interchanged with the usual Cornflakes.

5.  Easter Biscuits from Doves Farm (including a gluten free alternative)

Doves Easter Biscuits

Spicy biscuits that are super easy to make AND, given that Doves Farm make a fabulous gluten-free flour, you can easily make a batch for those of your friends and family that are gluten intolerant.  I like to make a batch of these, wrap them up in a cellophane bag and tie with a colourful ribbon to make the perfect token Easter gift.

6.  Easter Egg Cake Pops by Niner Bakes


I’ve not come across this blog before now, and (I must confess) if any of these 7 bakes drops of my “to-do” list it will be this one – BUT only because I’m not a great fan of cake pops.  There, I’ve said it.  HOWEVER I just cannot resist the beautiful colours and styling and the instructions that Niner provides seem to be very clear and straightforward.  Also (and I like a side-benefit) there is the perfect excuse to visit your local craft/baking supplies store to find those dinky little buckets 🙂  Thanks Niner!

and, now we’ve reached number 7 – the Showstopper Easter Bake!

7.   The Springtime Wonky (Topsy Turvy) Cake

Wonky Springtime cake

Using your favourite sponge cake recipe (or fruit cake come to that) – why not make a Springtime cake like this one on the Lakeland website?   I purchased a set of these tins some time ago and I can confirm that they work a treat – although I must admit I do trim the sides of the baked cakes to accentuate further the wonky-ness 🙂

I’ve long had my eye on recreating this design – and see Easter as the perfect occasion – although I may have to restrict it to a 2-tier – given the other 6 bakes I’ve got on my short list … otherwise the family won’t be able to move 🙂

With all this special baking going on you’ve just got to lay a special teatime table – and I love the Peter Rabbit Easter range on the Lakeland site too… too tempting!

Whatever you’re doing this weekend guys – have a great time.

Denise x

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