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Do you have a “Baking Bucket List”?

March 27, 2013

Baking bucket List

You know how it goes.  You stop for a quick coffee/tea break; you go online, or maybe flick through the pages of a magazine, or perhaps you’ve bought yet another recipe book and you head straight to the picture pages (you’ll read the words later…) and there you see it.  A cake that you simply have to make! Sometime. Soon.


Maybe its just the attractive sugar-crafted design that you admire (and wish you had the imagination to think up in the first place), perhaps its just the most scrumptious looking teatime creation – or maybe it uses a technique you’d like to learn.  Whatever the reason the cake “speaks” to you and you add it to your personal “one day I’ll make that cake” list.  I have one and I call it my “Baking Bucket List”.  

I know I’ll probably never get enough time to make them all unless I win the lottery, retire from the day job and open that tea shop I’ve always dreamed about, but nevertheless on they go!

Then I had an idea… if I share cakes that I’ve added to my Baking Bucket List online, maybe someone else will spot one of them, make it (and let me know) and then I can claim I have created the cake – albeit through a third party..!

So, here we go, my first Bucket List share.

Love Union Cake

I saw this cake at the Squires Kitchen Exhibition in 2011 (or was it 2012?) – and it was originally made by Elizabeth Finch.  Why do I like it?  The “simplicity” of the design, perfectly executed; for me, it just “achieves” everything without being over complicated and fussy.  My favourite design feature is the line of red hearts in the Union Jack layer (simple but super effective and a little bit quirky).

I would love to make this cake – but right now I cannot see an occasion coming up that would justify it … although I suppose, with a change of colour scheme maybe it could be used for a wedding anniversary… what do you think?

Do let me know if you make it – and help me cross one off the list 🙂

Denise x

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