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“Cookery Club Biscuits” – from Good Housekeeping online and perfect for your own “Cookie Monsters” to try

April 2, 2013

Good Housekeeping template

These days I work in a school bursary (I’m a “bean counter”!) but a few weeks back I was asked to help a colleague with a couple of sessions of the School’s weekly “Cookery Club”… and it was tremendous fun!!   When I was young, I used to enjoy learning the basics from my mum – particularly baking – and it was lovely to see the enthusiasm of this new generation of budding cooks (even if it didn’t quite extend to the washing up!).


My colleague Ali chose something fairly simple; two classic biscuit recipes “Gingernuts” and “Chocolate Oaties” both of which were sourced from the “Good Housekeeping – Tried & Tested” range on their excellent website.

The following weekend I baked a batch of each at home (see the picture below), to the delight of my husband who has announced the Chocolate Oaties to be his favourite ever home-baked biscuit – praise indeed 🙂

GH Cookies

Why not give them a go?  Not too many ingredients needed, quick to do and SO satisfying to have a biscuit barrel full of homemade biscuits instead of shop bought.  The two recipes mentioned are still on the GH website and the links are available by clicking on the two pictures at the top of this post.

Denise x

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