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The strange connection between Delia Smith, The Rolling Stones…and cake!

April 5, 2013

Rolling Stones template

I’m not sure why, but I’ve suddenly developed a liking for The Rolling Stones.  I can be half-listening to the radio and I’ll find myself singing or humming along, and to my surprise realise its a Stones track!   I’ve always thought of them as a band from the previous generation, and indeed they are, so maybe I’m just getting to an age or time of life that I can appreciate (or relate to) them now!!

Rolling Stones Union Jack Cake

You’ve got to admire the longevity of Mick and the boys, 50+ years in the business and they’ve probably seen it all and DONE it all.  My  favourite track is “Gimme Shelter” (although I feel it ought to be “Brown Sugar”, get it??) – an iconic song, from their 1969 album “Let it Bleed” – and one that you’ll often hear in the background to a Top Gear feature, or Scorcese movie.  Ironically, it also featured in the 2004 Daniel Craig film “Layer Cake”…

And here lies the strange link between the Stones and Delia Smith.  In ’69, Delia was a little known cook (not until the 70s did she hit the big time), but was asked by a friend to make a cake for a photoshoot and to “make it gaudy”.  That cake ended up on the album cover for “Let it Bleed”and here it is…

Rolling Stones Let it Bleed cake

Apparently Jagger had a copy of the album framed and presented it to Delia; read more about that on the Delia Online website and also an interesting Guardian feature here.

Amazing to think that 43 years after “Let it Bleed” in 2012 The Stones celebrated their 50th anniversary; in 2013 they are headlining at Glastonbury and playing a sell out concert in Hyde Park in July as part of their “50 and Counting” Tour  – they’re well and truly back in the spotlight – pretty amazing for guys in their late 60’s and who have, I’m sure they’d be first to admit, lived life hard and fast!

Let it Bleed Cake

Featured in this post are a couple of Rolling Stones themed cakes I’ve seen online and really admire.  I wonder if the boys will or have celebrated with a cake at all?  Maybe that just wouldn’t be “rock and roll”… not unless Delia made it of course!

Denise x

Cakey credits:

Rolling Stones Tongue /Union Jack Cake – Celebration Cakes of Tamworth

Let It Bleed Cake – Cherry Bee Cakes

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