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Time for Tea? My 10 favourite Teapot Cake designs.

April 27, 2013

Teapot template

Tea and cake; cake and tea; high tea; afternoon tea… whichever way you look at it tea and cake just “go together”.  Its a marriage made in heaven… after all what could be better than a lovely cup of afternoon tea and a slice of scrumptious cake?

My love of tea and cake must be in my genes… my granny Kathleen loved nothing more than a pot of tea in a china teacup accompanied by something sweet, usually a piece of cake made by her daughter (my mum).  Happy memories 🙂

Today I celebrate the designs of 10 cake makers who have taken this happy relationship one step further – by fashioning a teapot entirely from cake!  What better design for someone, like me, who has an inherent love of this traditional brew?

Butterfly teapot

To start, how about this beautiful springtime themed “Daffodil Teapot” by and unknown super duper cake designer! (Please get in touch if this cake is yours so I can give you the credit!)  An ornate handle, neatly executed throughout, and with flowers that evoke the spirit of the hand-thrown potter’s skill make this a top 10 cake for me.  I love the butterflies that appear to have just flown along and settled on the lid and spout…

Just like real teapots, that come in all shapes and sizes, my next cake is a completely different shape from the first.  A plainer spout and handle, but with a more pronounced lid design and classically beautiful floral embellishment make for a most attractive design.  Spot a design detail in common with the first? Yes you’re correct – the butterfly has landed 😉

Alyanna Teapot Cake

Oh, and the matching cupcakes are a lovely addition to the overall design.  This one by Cakes by Alyanna.

Now for something funky – and ideal for the young at heart tea lover!  A Fairy teapot design by Celebrate With Cake.  I love so much about this design; the funky colours, the adorable fairy, and the attention to detail – such as the beautifully decorated cake board and toadstools!

Fairy Teapot

Back to something more vintage in style and, according to the designer, a “Cath Kidston inspired” teapot (and matching cupcakes).  Now, I’m not a great fan of Cath Kidston myself (I know; I’m probably in the minority here), but I do like the delicate feel of this design by Cakes by Louise.  The teapot is a great shape and the cupcakes are beautifully individual yet aesthetically linked.

Cath Kidston Style Teapot

Now, how about this one then!  A naughty, cheeky little teapot if I ever did see one!  Makes me think of that song “I’m a little teapot, short and stout” for sure!!!   Love the colour combo and just look at that adorable and cheeky face 😉 !  This little teapot looks as though its going to take a huge bite out of that cupcake sitting in front of it…!   Sad thing is… I don’t know who designed and made it! If it was you… LET ME KNOW x

Naughty Teapot

Back to a most realistic design… something that granny Kathleen would have adored.  Great shape; good shaped spout and handle and the finish on and around the lid in gold is simply stunning.  Hand painted butterflies and flowers (that is a Wisteria don’ t you think?) make for a beautiful design that is so realistic.  As you can see, this was designed by Truly Custom Cakery.

Truly Custom Cakery Teapot

With a similar feel is this glorious “Delicate Rose” design teapot by Juliet Stallwood.   Hand painted rosebuds and a rose handle on the lid make for an attractive design that just oozes “Sunday Best” tea-set.

Delicate Roses Teapot

Do you have a “Christmas Tea-set”…? We have a Christmas dinner service but not a Christmas Teapot… but I wouldn’t mind this one for sure!   A clever design by Custom Cakes By Susan, with candy stripes, poinsettia red colouring, holly berries and fir.  Lovely.

Christmas Teapot

Julie Woods of Vintage and Cake next.  Julie is a talented cake decorator that I’ve known through Facebook and Twitter for many years. Julie runs a fabulous company called “Vintage and Cake” and she specializes not only in making the most stunning cakes but also hires vintage tea services!   Take a look at her cakey teapot below – I love the delicate flowers and lid.

Vintage and Cake Teapot

Finally… when you think of a tea-party you’ve just got to think of  the one thrown by the Mad-Hatter in Alice in Wonderland!  And this is just the cake to bring it to life….designed and made by Aunt Julie’s Bakery.  Go Aunt Julie – you rock!

Eat Me - Teapot

A superb range of cakes indeed that celebrate the wonder of TEA!  Which one is your favourite?

Denise x

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  1. April 28, 2013 1:56 pm

    I love teapot cakes!!! I tried to make a teapot once, but I’m not very happy with the result. It’s very difficult cover it perfectly.

    • April 28, 2013 5:44 pm

      I agree! I have made one teapot cake in the past – I think it may be on the blog somewhere I’ll have a scan back through. The hardest part was fixing the spout and handle in place I think… they kept dropping downwards! You need plenty of time to allow it all to dry in place. Denise

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